Sunday, February 13, 2011

Palm Spring half Marathon Relay

Palm Springs, Ca. 2/13/2011
Pre-race jitters included pacing, stretching, and lots of butterflies.

The sea of runners.

I ran the first 5.4 miles. I felt good, like running was something I like to do. When I came to the relay tag area I was so excited to see my "Hot Mama" team mate who was there to take over the next 3.2 miles.

I spent most of her run standing in line at the port-a-potty. I should have spent more time stretching and walking. I needed to keep my muscles warm and I didn't. Rookie move.

Katrina coming back in to the relay tag area.

Team Hot Mamas off for the final 4.5 miles together.

Coming in for the big finish with a time of 2:21:29

Not going to lie- I cried at the end of the race. I wanted to quit so bad the last few miles. I prayed hard for strength. I got it in the form of a friend running by my side, never giving up, supporting and encouraging my every stride.

Nothing more rewarding than seeing the sweet faces of our little girls so happy and proud of their Mamas.

My biggest supporter. He is the reason I run.

Katrina stretching her brains out after the race. I did not stretch enough, another Rookie move. I was so sore, could barely move and so I sat and complained about how old I felt.

This was an incredible experience. Hard and rewarding all at the same time.

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