Friday, December 21, 2012

Better Life

This is absolute truth for me.

I have not been running regularly at all since my last half marathon in late October. I ran less than a hand full of times in November and that in my opinion is just madness. I got back on the ball last week. Ran 3 days last week and 3 days this week and my oh my life really is better. I actually think it is my attitude about life that is better. I just have so much more energy and that just makes life easier for sure.

No more breaks like that. Gotta keep the momentum going so I can have a better life all the time. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Annual Lingo Thanksgiving Run

3 years and going strong... Starting Thanksgiving out right with a family 5K.

Look at Ella go! She ran for a solid mile and then ran the last .25 around the rack too. She is an amazing runner!

Cash was a little trooper too. All bundled up and actually slept almost the whole run!
Ella insisted on us wearing our matching turkey shirts that we wore 2 years ago too. (I am thankful mine still fit)
Starting Thanksgiving Day off bright and early every year with a Turkey Trot with my loved ones makes me so THANKFUL!

Thankful to be alive.

Thankful to be healthy.

Thankful to have a healthy husband who can run.

Thankful to have amazing children.

Just Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Never Give Up

I have not given up. I promise. I took 6 days off on purpose as part of half marathon recovery. Then I got sick. :( Really sick. Body aches, sinus pressure, chills, headache. SUPER SICK! I wanted to run so bad but I couldn't move.
It has been 15 days since the half marathon. I have not run since then. TOMORROW I LACE UP MY SHOES. If I have to walk, I will but I am getting a run in. A short run. Outside. It will be cold but I am doing it. I need my sanity back.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have to say that I think elevation makes a huge difference in the outcome of a race. If you are running a race with hills, you MUST train for this or you will endure some serious pain.

The elevation at the half marathon I ran last year was almost none. It was a fairly flat course with a few mild inclines.

The half marathon I ran this year was a whole different story:

Talk about hills. Rolling hills. Crazy hills one right after another. Hills that make your calf muscles scream. Hills that make you feel alive. God Bless the hills.

My advice... check out the elevation before you register for a race and train for the hills if you need to.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hershey Half Marathon

The parking situation for this event was a NIGHTMARE! It took us a very long time to get into the venue and park. We were running a bit late and I was not able to take my time getting to the start line. We literally had to rush. I got in line to use the restroom but before it was my turn the race announcer was counting down the start so I just left and did not use the restroom. My hubby snapped this picture right before I zig zagged my way through the sea of runners (3,749 finishers) closer to the front.

Splits (courtesy of my Garmin!)

Mile 1-10:54-ran

Mile 2-11:33-ran

Mile 3-13:08-walked .5

Mile 4-12:20-ran

Mile 5-14:07-walked .5

Mile 6-12:44-ran

Mile 7-12:54-ran

Mile 8-13:58-walked .25

Mile 9-14:12-walked .5

Mile 10-15:00-walked .5

Mile 11-14:30-walked .75

Mile 12-14:19-walked .5

Mile 13-14:01-walked .5

Mile .1-2:14

As you can see miles 1,2,4,6,7 are the miles that I ran from mile marker to mile marker. I took off my long sleeve top during mile 3 and it was hard to get off since it was underneath mu short sleeve and I accidentally safety pinned my bib through both tops. Oops. I got it off though and tied it around my waist and luckily it did not bother me at all. We got to run through Hershey Park weaving in and around some roller coaster rides during mile 3-4 so that made for some distracting scenery. During mile 4 we ran past the wildlife park and I am pretty sure there was a huge elk starring right at me. Mile 5 was the first long uphill and I walked most of it. They had some dressed up Hershey candy characters on the hill and racers were stopping to take pictures with them which I thought was pretty funny. I ate my first GU and got the burst of energy I needed. Mile 6 & 7 felt pretty good. A few small rolling hills but nothing major so I ran. I really enjoyed passing the half way point where all the relay team members were waiting for teammates to tag. I decided to pull out my phone and text my hubby that I was half way done. :) Mile 8 was another long hill so I did some more walking. Mile 9 was when I thought perhaps I would never finish. We were running on a golf course at this point and I was just bored out of my mind with the scenery. I filled up my water bottle at the water station and took my time chatting with the water boys and girls. I just needed some quick conversation. Mile 10 was brutal. I started to get a horrible stomach ache. I ate another GU and drank a ton of water but that did not help. Mile 11 finally took us off the golf course which was nice and I pulled my phone out again to text my hubby that had 2 miles left. Mile 12 was running down Chocolate Ave. It was mice to run under the Hershey kiss shaped street lamps, those things always crack me up! They had a huge Hershey kiss shaped truck at the end of the Ave and tons of characters passing out Reeses fastbreak bars. YUM!! Just the little sweet snack I needed. Mile 13 was pretty flat but so long and windy and so boring. It was basically through the parking lot of the Hershey Museum and Hershey Stadium. The last quarter mile took us in the stadium and part way around the track. I saw my cute family right next to the finish line and that made me so happy.

I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I beat my goal of 3:05 by 8 whole minutes! So happy about that!

Added 34 min to my half finishing time from last year but that was to be expected. This course was much harder and I am much slower. I am about 25 lbs heaver than I was last year and lets not forget to add that I just had a baby less than 5 months ago! I am breastfeeding which means I get no solid sleep ever and have not for a very long time. My fitness level and endurance are just not as great as last year. I planned on walking portions of this race. My pace goal was to stay under a 14:00 minute mile and I did! 13:33 was my average.

Garmin Elevation Stats:

Elevation Gain: 712 ft

Elevation Loss: 941 ft

Min Elevation: 348 ft

Max Elevation: 624 ft

(lots of rolling hills and a couple long ones)

Garmin also logged me burning 1,952 calories! Yes!

My hubby said baby Cash slept pretty much the whole time. Yippeeee!!!! Ella was enjoying herself on the stadium field meeting and taking pictures with some Hershey candy characters.

There were MANY times while training for this race that I wanted to give up. I even talked with my hubby and a few friends about selling my race bib. Training with a new baby in the home was not easy. Training in the summer was not easy. Training with extra baby weight was not easy. Nothing about this was easy. Now that it is over, I am so very glad I endured to the end. It felt AMAZING to cross that finish line. I will be doing another half marathon again!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Race Day

It's a great day to run a half marathon!
Today I have a few goals:

1. Cross the finish line

2. Cross the finish line in under 3:05

3. Cross the finish line in under 3:05 with a smile on my face

Now let's get to the STARTING LINE!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Final training run

GARMIN stats:

Distance:4.00 mi


Avg Pace:12:24 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 66 ft


Today was my final training run. 4 brutal miles. Brutal because I am in pain. Brutal because my whole body aches. Brutal because I was nauseated the entire time. Brutal because it was exhausting.


I have no idea how I am going to get through 13.1 miles on Sunday with my body feeling like this. I have been on antibiotics for 4 days now and I think the swelling and infection is going down but I feel like I have the most horrible flu ever! Not fun at all. What horrible timing for all of this, right?!?! I am going to do my best and really TRY to finish this race.

Plans for tomorrow include lots of hydration, as much rest as possible and then off to Hershey for packet pick up and the Kids Fun Run for little Miss Ella!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

8 miles

Final long run before Race Day!!!

Garmin Stats:

Distance: 8.00 mi

Time: 1:42:31

Avg Pace: 12:49 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 377 ft

Calories: 1,162

Felt pretty good.

I stuck with my run 2 miles walk .5 mile plan. It has been working out fairly well for me. I am able to walk pretty fast when I take breaks that often so it works really well.

Now it is REALLY time for taper week

Half Marathon is in 1 short week. AAAHHHHHHH!!!! Hope I am ready!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

West Coast

I spent a week in California visiting family. Super fun! I of course had to carry on with my training. So I took all my running gear and carried on. It was much different to run on the other side of the country. easier. The air felt lighter and more gentle. I know that doesn't really make any sense but it is kind of hard to describe. It is very humid here in Pennsylvania even when it is cold so the air just feels thick and heavy all the time. I don't really notice it anymore and it does not bother me at all since I fun so much. When I was in CA I noticed though and when I came back too.

I ran 4 times while in CA. Nothing too extreme. All just shorter runs as part of my taper to the Half Marathon.

I would like to share the stats from my last run while there. It was HARDCORE to say the least. A hill like no other. I ran where my sister lives in Oceanside in an area called Fire Mountain. PERFECT name for the place since this hill felt like a mountain and my legs were on fire by the time I got to the top.

GARMIN stats:

Distance: 3.00 mi

Time: 39:38

Avg Pace: 13:13 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 951 ft

Calories: 462

WOW!!! Do you see that?!?!? 951 ft!

Slowed me down for sure! I basically crawled up this steep hill and felt like my leg muscles were a burning fire. It was great. (HA!) This hill was at the very beginning of the run. It was hard and the remainder of my run was slow slow slow. Got it done though and that is what matters. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

12 miles

Busted out my longest training run today. It was a challenge and I had to push myself but it was freakishly much easier than the 9 miles I ran a few weeks back. During this run, I realized my body is getting much stronger. Not necessarily faster but stronger is good enough for me for now.

Here are my stats from my Garmin:

Moving Time: 2:43:27

Avg Moving Pace: 13:37 min/mi

Distance: 12.00 mi

Elevation Gain: 282 ft

Calories: 1,592 C

Not bad. :)

I ran 2 miles and walked a .5 mile for the first 10 miles. It worked out nice. I never got overly exhausted. The walk breaks were a just enough to recover. The last 2 miles were a bit tougher. I took about a 45 sec walk break every .5 mile or so. I was feeling the fatigue.

I did it. I realized that I may actually be able to finish my upcoming Half Marathon. So no more doubting myself. Only positive thinking from here on....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Makes so much senseI

saw this on pintrest or facebook or somewhere online and I had to share it here. It just makes so much sense.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making time to run

Lately people have been asking me how I find the time to run.

I often wonder this myself when some days I don't find the time to blog, make dinner, do laundry, or some days even shower. Let's face it, life with a new baby baby who will not take a bottle and eats on his own crazy schedule 24 hours a day is CRAZY. I am TIRED.

Running is about the only thing I can do without my children and not feel guilty about being away from them. I go early in the morning while they are still (most of the time) asleep. Running is a priority. Health is a priority. My sanity is a priority. Running makes me a better Mom so I make time for it. 4 days a week.

Monday, September 17, 2012

5 miles in under an hour!

Making progress and feeling amazing about it! Look how fast my 5 miles was today. I really impressed myself. I ran .9 of every mile and took a fast walk break for the last.1 then ran again and repeated that for the 5 miles. Worked out great!

GARMIN stats:

Distance:5.00 mi


Avg Pace:11:59 min/mi

Elevation Gain:65 ft


Sunday, September 16, 2012


One year ago I was heading to Philadelphia to run my first half marathon. Crazy it has been a year. I remember that race like it was yesterday. A year later I have a new baby and 30 extra pounds but I am still running! 3.5 mile pretzel twist yesterday and my second half marathon in 5 short weeks that I have been training for since 3 weeks after Cash was born. You think I am obsessed?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pretzel Twist

3.5 miles


This is the first race I have run AND the longest distance I have run since having my baby boy in late May with NO WALK BREAKS!!! This is a huge, I mean HUGE deal to me!!! I was beyond proud of myself.

My plan for this race was to run 1.25 walk .25 and repeat until the race was over. I took off feeling great. Weather was perfect- warm but not hot. Music was playing loud in my ears. Runners were sparse but around me. I was in my town. I just felt good. I looked down at my watch for the first time thinking I was getting close to the one mile mark and to my surprise, I was already at 1.4 miles. CRAZY!!! I rounded the corner and saw the water station up ahead and I knew that was the half way point. I decided to run to it and walk then. I grabbed my water took a tiny sip tossed my cup and KEPT RUNNING. I made my next small goal to keep running until mile 2. Mile 2 came and I will felt great. I kept on trucking. Slowed down a bit but never walked. :) I crossed the finish line at 37:34 running! Happiest girl in the world right here. My cute family was waiting for me and so was the free breakfast bar.

I would run this race again FOR SURE! Tech shirt and all. Of course my little Ella did the kids fun run after and LOVED it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready to call it QUITS!

I have never hated running...

until right now.

I hated my run this morning.

It hurt.

There was pain in every ounce of my body.


Distance:9.00 mi


Avg Pace:13:57 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 266 ft


Right now, the way I feel, I may never run again...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amos Herr 5K

This race was a little different than other races I have run. It was an evening race. Strange, right? Rain Rain and more RAIN poured all day before the event. I was nervous. My 4 year old was signed up and very excited for her first Kids Fun Run and I was sad that she might not be able to run. The clouds looked dark and mean. We arrived at the race and the opted to start the kids run first. Rain lightened and off the kiddos went...
After the kids run, the skies opened up and the rain stopped completely. I was happy to get my run on. I did not have a set plan for this race. Just to run as long as I could and take walk breaks when needed.
I ended up taking 3 walk breaks. about 90 seconds at each mile. Crossed the finish line in just over 35 min so I beat my goal by 10 whole minutes!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

7 mile training run

This run went fairly well for me I think. I did 5 min run and 5 min walk intervals for the whole run. GARMIN stats:

Distance:7.00 mi


Avg Pace:13:10 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 931 ft


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fresh Burst 5 mile race

I was PREPARED for this one...
race bib


running GU


kt tape

body glide

water bottle

garmin watch

I ran this race last year so I was familiar with the course. Still my nerves were uncontrollable. I am still doubting my abilities and having to take so many walk breaks is just so foreign to me still. I had a great plan for this race and thanks to my garmin running watch I could execute my goals. I ran for 10 min walked for 5 and repeated. I was very strict. Never walked when I was to be running and never ran during a walk break. Just stuck to my plan.

Last year I finished this race in 51:40 min. This year, 63. Not too bad eh?!?!?

The swag for this race is always the best...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It ALMOST killed me...

That first race post baby was HORRID!!!

I was sore, as in could not move properly for a few days sore.

I thought about never running ever again but then I saw this...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker 5 mile race


The facts...

100 degree weather

Birthed a baby 40 days ago

Still engorged from my nursling

Just resumed exercise 18 days ago

I crossed the finish line.

I think that is all I have to say about this race.

It was the worst idea I ever had, almost made me give up running. Glad I did not die. Glad my sweet baby slept the whole time. Glad my family did not die of heat stroke while waiting for me. I went home fed my baby and slept. Woke up to feed him again and then slept some more. IF I ever have another baby... (not likely I am old) I will not run this soon after. IT.WAS.BRUTAL.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A different kind of race...

Baby is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how labor and delivery went for me ...

Much like a big race, I signed up for this.

Much like a big race, I planned for this.

Much like a big race, I endured the pain.

Much like a big race I knew the end result would be worth it.

Early labor for me was like interval running where you sprint at full capacity for about 90 seconds and then take it down to about 80% for about 90 seconds.

Active labor was when I started climbing those peaks of pain. Much like the half marathon I ran in my first trimester this was, in fact, the most painful, most mentally and physically challenging thing I’d ever experienced. I even had my running playlist on my iPod during hard labor. Katy Perry and friends got me through many hours. After 42 hours however I opted for the epidural which was like that "runner's high" part of the race where you think, "heck ya, I can DO this". Things seemed attainable at this point. Then I hit the wall (transition) and the intensely fierce pain came and I was utterly exhausted. I knew that horrible pain meant that the end was near so I pushed through. My biggest cheerleader and coach (my husband) was there for me as usual. The finish line was in sight. I mustered up all the strength humanly possible. I dug deep. I went to another place and used muscles, endurance, and stamina I did not know was even present in my body. I delivered my sweet boy. I crossed the Finish Line. The euphoria set in. I felt like an olympian. Like I could conquer the whole world all at once. 9 months of prep paid off in a huge way.
And immediately I wanted to do it all over again.

I came home with the BEST medal ever!!!

Cash Elliott Lingo

7lbs. 13oz. 19 in.


9:07 am

Friday, May 4, 2012

To pass the time...

My running obsession has not left me. I still have 3-4 weeks until this baby comes and I would guess at least 3-4 weeks after that until I can start running again. I miss running so much it hurts. I cannot wait to get out there again. For now, I am focused on growing this baby so I will get my running fix in other ways...
Reading about running is not the same as running but at least it curbs my obsession for now. :) Anyone have any must read running books I should know about???

Monday, April 30, 2012

28 days

I am 28 days away from my due date. I really feel like this baby could come at any time and to be honest soon would be nice. :)
I am anxious to lace up my running kicks and get to pounding the pavement asap. I want this pregnancy weight off but mostly I just want my sanity back.

"I run for health, fitness, stress relief, and pure enjoyment. When I have a bad day or am really stressed out about something, putting on my shoes allows me to clear my head and decompress. I do some of my best thinking when I am running." -Kathey Moskal, Runner's World Challenger of the Week

Friday, April 20, 2012


Being told by the doctor not to run any more for the remainder of this pregnancy was not what I wanted to hear. It has been a major adjustment. I am feeling my muscles go soggy and my fitness level dropping. The biggest adjustment I have gone through is the one in my head. I never realized how much I needed running in my life until I had to give it up for a bit. It is my sanity, my therapy, my alone time, my personal time for thought and reflection. It is a huge part of my life.

I am a little thankful for this time away from running. I feel like it is making me love it even more and when I am able to lace my shoes up again I will appreciate it that much more.

In the mean time I am enjoying lots of short nature walks with my little girl. Enjoy my last few weeks as a Mommy to one.

Friday, March 30, 2012

?!?! NO RUNNING !?!?

32 weeks pregnant and this is discharge paper I get from Labor and Delivery....
Not going to lie... I am way bummed about these instructions. I feel like my sanity is being taken away from me. I know it is for the beautiful baby boy growing inside me but it still makes me a little sad.

I over did it and pushed my self a little too hard during this last race. Contractions started and I had to go in to be monitored and hydrated. The gave me medicine to stop the contractions and a few hours later I got to go home.

I have been told to only walk very moderately from now until the baby is born and to STOP immediately if any contractions start while walking. Bummer.

I am lucky that I was able to run a few races while pregnant and to keep up my exercise routine as much as I did.

I am still hopeful that I will be able to start up running again shortly after baby comes and I am planning on sticking to the races I already have planned out for later this year. I am confident that I can complete them. Probably not going to be able to PR any of them but I can accomplish those goals next year.

For now my plan is to start running again as soon as possible after baby boy is born. Hopefully that will mean the early weeks of June. I want to start my 13 week half marathon training schedule late in July.

We will see how this all works out.....

One thing I know for sure is I am NOT done running!!!!! Just taking a little break while my body finishes growing this baby....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Run 4 Luck

Slowly but surely...
some running but mostly walking...
I finished...
And so did all of my amazing friends...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!!

I am very excited for this event tomorrow. There is a large group of friends doing this one which is something new for me. Usually I run races solo. Two of my friends I have been walking and exercising with off and on for a few months in preparation for this. I honestly think that if it were not for them and their commitment, I would have been sitting on the couch a whole lot more the majority of this pregnancy.

This is coming at the perfect time. I am no longer able to run more that 3 tenths of a mile without cramping so I will be walking it. I know it will be hard to resist my urge to run but I must put the baby's health in front of that and I need to learn to not be selfish when it comes to my addiction to running.
No pressure, no time goal, no running. Just an enjoyable 4 miles with some amazing friends and my biggest fans cheering me on.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's okay to WALK

I have not been running at all lately. Has gotten pretty hard with my growing belly. I am happy to say that despite the horrible hip pain and the occasional contractions I have not completely given up. I am still walking! Not going to give up completely.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another reason I run........

I am a diabetic.

7 months ago I had blood work done and my A1C was 5.7

My most recent blood work shows me at 5.0

I have gained over 20 lbs. since getting pregnant but my health is improving???

How is that even possible?

The answer is RUNNING!!!

Lots of it.

I spent a good 18+ months prior to getting pregnant running.

I ran my first half marathon at 8 weeks pregnant.

The benefits of running last a long time.

My Hgb A1C is not just normal but EXCELLENT!

I am a diabetic, and my labs are EXCELLENT!

I think I will keep running as my exercise of chioce.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This little girl is such a champ. She lasted 2.5 miles out on the trails today. Her longest ride yet. :)

Week 3 of my training program is going well. M-Th at least 30 minutes of walk/jogging and between 3-5 miles on Saturdays. Feeling pretty amazing. Pace and time goals are out the window this part of my pregnancy, just trying to stay healthy so I can get back to running as soon as possible after delivery. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 days in a row...

Being so committed to a new training program has done wonders for me mentally. I have slowed down my pace a ton and cut way back on my distance but I am still making goals and achieving them and I am very satisfied as I end each day knowing I did what I set out to do.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Training Plans

So I have decided to run/walk (waddle) a 4 mile race on St. Patrick's Day. I will be 30 weeks pregnant then so my only goal is to finish the race. It is exactly 8 weeks away from today and I found a great training program online that I would like to share: TRAINING PROGRAM

I know I am not a beginner but I am using this training schedule for a few reasons:
1. I have not been running regularly since I got pregnant.
2. I do not want to cause any pregnancy complications by over doing it.
3. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day is do-able for a pregnant lady.
4. I am not trying to set any personal records this time, just finish and feel good.

I am excited about this new goal. To do a race while pregnant should be fun. I ran my first half marathon while in the early weeks of this pregnancy but this time everyone will be jealous of my belly and my waddle. Maybe someday my son will be proud that he rocked out these races with me while in the womb. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


I am running so very slow now that I am 5 months pregnant. My hips and legs just are not working like they used to. The other day when I finished my run and looked at my Nike+ sensor for my stats, I laughed. Literally I laughed at myself. I cannot believe how slow I run and how winded I get after only a few short miles. It was discouraging. Then I found the above quote on pintrest and it made me realize that no matter how slow I go, I am still running. That feels good. 5 months pregnant and still running - I should be proud!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My greatest motivation

Look who joined me for a quick 2 miler today...

Best little motivator I have ever known. Pregnancy has not been easy on my desire to run but this little girl always gets me going. Love her to pieces.