Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A different kind of race...

Baby is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how labor and delivery went for me ...

Much like a big race, I signed up for this.

Much like a big race, I planned for this.

Much like a big race, I endured the pain.

Much like a big race I knew the end result would be worth it.

Early labor for me was like interval running where you sprint at full capacity for about 90 seconds and then take it down to about 80% for about 90 seconds.

Active labor was when I started climbing those peaks of pain. Much like the half marathon I ran in my first trimester this was, in fact, the most painful, most mentally and physically challenging thing I’d ever experienced. I even had my running playlist on my iPod during hard labor. Katy Perry and friends got me through many hours. After 42 hours however I opted for the epidural which was like that "runner's high" part of the race where you think, "heck ya, I can DO this". Things seemed attainable at this point. Then I hit the wall (transition) and the intensely fierce pain came and I was utterly exhausted. I knew that horrible pain meant that the end was near so I pushed through. My biggest cheerleader and coach (my husband) was there for me as usual. The finish line was in sight. I mustered up all the strength humanly possible. I dug deep. I went to another place and used muscles, endurance, and stamina I did not know was even present in my body. I delivered my sweet boy. I crossed the Finish Line. The euphoria set in. I felt like an olympian. Like I could conquer the whole world all at once. 9 months of prep paid off in a huge way.
And immediately I wanted to do it all over again.

I came home with the BEST medal ever!!!

Cash Elliott Lingo

7lbs. 13oz. 19 in.


9:07 am