Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fresh Burst 5 mile race

I was PREPARED for this one...
race bib


running GU


kt tape

body glide

water bottle

garmin watch

I ran this race last year so I was familiar with the course. Still my nerves were uncontrollable. I am still doubting my abilities and having to take so many walk breaks is just so foreign to me still. I had a great plan for this race and thanks to my garmin running watch I could execute my goals. I ran for 10 min walked for 5 and repeated. I was very strict. Never walked when I was to be running and never ran during a walk break. Just stuck to my plan.

Last year I finished this race in 51:40 min. This year, 63. Not too bad eh?!?!?

The swag for this race is always the best...

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