Saturday, September 29, 2012

12 miles

Busted out my longest training run today. It was a challenge and I had to push myself but it was freakishly much easier than the 9 miles I ran a few weeks back. During this run, I realized my body is getting much stronger. Not necessarily faster but stronger is good enough for me for now.

Here are my stats from my Garmin:

Moving Time: 2:43:27

Avg Moving Pace: 13:37 min/mi

Distance: 12.00 mi

Elevation Gain: 282 ft

Calories: 1,592 C

Not bad. :)

I ran 2 miles and walked a .5 mile for the first 10 miles. It worked out nice. I never got overly exhausted. The walk breaks were a just enough to recover. The last 2 miles were a bit tougher. I took about a 45 sec walk break every .5 mile or so. I was feeling the fatigue.

I did it. I realized that I may actually be able to finish my upcoming Half Marathon. So no more doubting myself. Only positive thinking from here on....

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