Wednesday, October 10, 2012

West Coast

I spent a week in California visiting family. Super fun! I of course had to carry on with my training. So I took all my running gear and carried on. It was much different to run on the other side of the country. easier. The air felt lighter and more gentle. I know that doesn't really make any sense but it is kind of hard to describe. It is very humid here in Pennsylvania even when it is cold so the air just feels thick and heavy all the time. I don't really notice it anymore and it does not bother me at all since I fun so much. When I was in CA I noticed though and when I came back too.

I ran 4 times while in CA. Nothing too extreme. All just shorter runs as part of my taper to the Half Marathon.

I would like to share the stats from my last run while there. It was HARDCORE to say the least. A hill like no other. I ran where my sister lives in Oceanside in an area called Fire Mountain. PERFECT name for the place since this hill felt like a mountain and my legs were on fire by the time I got to the top.

GARMIN stats:

Distance: 3.00 mi

Time: 39:38

Avg Pace: 13:13 min/mi

Elevation Gain: 951 ft

Calories: 462

WOW!!! Do you see that?!?!? 951 ft!

Slowed me down for sure! I basically crawled up this steep hill and felt like my leg muscles were a burning fire. It was great. (HA!) This hill was at the very beginning of the run. It was hard and the remainder of my run was slow slow slow. Got it done though and that is what matters. :)

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