Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad news is BAD NEWS

I went to the doctor last night to see if there was anything they could do about my foot injury. He thinks that it could be one of two things, Retrocalcaneal bursitis which is swellin g and inflammation of the bursa.

He treated me for this right in the office with a HUGE cortisone injection which has made the bottom of my foot and 4 of my toes completely numb. Most of the horrible pain I was feeling from the injury has gone way, but I am having trouble walking because of the incredible numbness.

The doctor also said there is a chance it may be a stress fracture on the top of the calcaneus bone. He has ordered an x-ray which I am terrified to go get because if there is any type of fracture then running the half marathon this weekend is completely out of the question.

Why now? This has been so heartbreaking for me. I have trained so long and hard for this. Mentally I feel like I have been training for this my whole life. I have never been this motivated about exercise and fitness. The confidence I had a few days ago is slowly slipping away from me. I am trying to stay positive but it is hard. I still have faith though that things will improve within the next 5 days.

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