Thursday, September 22, 2011

Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon

My first half marathon was an amazing experience. My husband, my sister, and my daughter were all there to support me wearing bright pink shirts that matched mine. Having them there meant a lot to me.

We had about a mile walk from the parking garage to where the race start was. I was actually really grateful for this walk. It gave me a chance to settle my nerves and hear many motivating words from my amazing husband.

The race Start/ Finish lines were close to the famous steps where Rocky trained.

Probably my most favorite moment of the whole day was right before I stepped into my corrall. My husband hugged me and said a quick prayer for me to be protected and safe during this race.
Nerves were gone and I was ready to run.

We had planned to do a water bottle switch off at mile 5 where the route curved back around to where the start of the race was. There were so many people running and so many spectators that I doubted this would work. I thought there would be no WAY I would spot my family. Well thanks to the cluster of bright pink shirts and Ella being on top of Elliott's shoulders, I spotted them and we made the switch mid stride. :)

Crossing the finish line was the most thrilling rush of my whole life. I felt like such a champion. I was so proud and felt so good.

Finding my family and enjoying this special time with them was the best reward ever.

I WILL be doing this again... someday...

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