Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Running Shoes...

Last Saturday I ran 12 miles. I felt really good. When I got home I had this horrible ache in the arch and side of my foot so I iced it and tried to ignore it the rest of the weekend. Monday morning I headed out for a 7 mile run. Well I got about half way through the run and the ache had turned into a piercing pain that I could NOT ignore. I called my hubby to come pick me up. I immediately knew what the problem was. My shoes..

Typically a running shoe should last 300 - 500 miles. After adding up the calculations (thanks to my Nike+ sensor) I realized I have close to 700 miles on these shoes. Time for a new pair ASAP!!! I frantically called every running store from Pennsylvania to Virginia looking for the shoes that I have LOVED running in. After 2 days of calling around I found them!!! I drove immediately to get them. Once I put them on I instantly knew the support in the pair I had been running was shot! I am so glad I purchased a new pair. The tread on the bottom of my shoes is almost completely gone in some areas.

What a difference a shoe can make. I just hope this ache in my foot goes away before race day. I LOVE my Brooks Dyad running shoes!!!!! Lucky for me they just came out with this new fun color last month too.

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  1. Wear them constantly up until race day and hopefully get a run or two in them so they are well broken in for race day! Love new shoes!!!!