Friday, September 16, 2011

The race is ON!!!!!

My Doctor called last night and said that my x-ray is NORMAL!!! The race is on!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!
So with 3 days to go here is how I am preparing...
TONS of fluids. Water and of course my favorite Powerade Zero. Zero calories and Zero sugar. Very refreshing during training, pre race, and post race.

I also just made a jamming playlist. I always make a new one before each race. I try to put my favorite more upbeat jams when I know I will need the extra beat pumping through me. Mile 4 and 7 and of course the best for last so I can run my last half a mile harder than any other. :)

Here is a link to my current favorite running song if you care to know what I will be running across the finish line listening to...
Party Rock Anthem

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